Apr 15, 2008

Good Day

Yesterday was a good thrifting day!

I hadn't intended on going out but at the last minute I realized I had an order to send out to Germany so off I went. Value Village was my first stop and I had o do a double take when I saw this chandelier.

Covered in crystals.

Draped in beads.

For $19.99!

Whoever was pricing that day - I love you! I just may have to keep this baby.

I also picked up some vintage botanical rose prints - printed in France. They are divine, and in my shop.

And I never can resist old leather suitcases. This one is actually a briefcase. I love it's time worn look and I think I'm going to try to decoupage part of the inside as it is slightly stained.

I'm a little ADD with all of the projects I've got going on right now. The frame in the top picture is getting a new life and right now I'm searching for the perfect matte. Not an easy task, may have to 'McGyver' one somehow.

I'm feeling rejuvinated - it's a lovely sunny day and I've got to hit the ground running. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


Beth Leintz said...

OH MY GOSH- $19.99 for that BEAUTIFUL fixture- you stole it- they're going to arrest you for theft!

Great find- I bet you're still on a thrifting "high"!

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a bargain you got with that chandelier.
Lucky you

quiltdoggie said...

YIKES!! 20 bux for that BEAUTY???!!! What a lucky haul you had ~ nice finds, Joy!! PS* I still totally love my street sign :) xo P

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

I can not believe that chandelier - why do we get gross chandeliers around here - that is gorgeous!! What fun - you can tell spring is here - we've been itchin' to get junkin'!!
Have a great week!!

Natasha Burns said...

oh my gosh that chandelier is so beautiful and such a super bargain!!!

Katherine said...

don't ya just love Value Village! Great catch with the chandelier!

Connie Bailey said...

Joy! Would you let your dear cousin-in-law be the first to know if you do decide to put the chandelier up for sale? I've been looking for one for Christy's room...
I thought your home could not get any better but clearly you have done it! Gorgeous!

p.s. I thought I was the only one who used 'McGyver' as a verb :)