May 26, 2008

We're Back!

And I think I need a vacation to recover from this vacation! We had a wonderful time but it's good to be home. :)

May 16, 2008

One More Thing...

I am such a proud auntie! Today is Prom for my niece Meghan (my sister's daughter) and nephew Colin (my brother's son) They will both turn 18 next month ... they're exactly one week apart in age!

Are they not gorgeous specimens?!

May 15, 2008


You know that wonderful idea of going away - the fun in planning it - and then suddenly it comes upon you like BANG! And the world seemingly falls apart right before you leave?...

I hate when that happens!

Oh well, one consolation is I'll be spending my 39th birthday next week in Carmel, California. That oughtta make up for it...


May 13, 2008

Vintage Finds

I have had this old stamp holder for a while now and it just came to me that some of my vintage test tubes would look fab snuggled up in there. And of course some vintage cream and ivory colored buttons had to work their way in too!

Ohmigosh, I went to a tag sale on Saturday twice. I headed straight for the basement as I usually do. That's usually where you find the BEST stuff - at really good prices. I scored two of these old sheet music books for just $2!

The owner added the scores by hand. It makes my heart go pitter patter!

When I went back for a 'second sweep' as I like to call it, I found a box of old Halloween decorations. How did I miss this the first time? How was it not snatched up by someone else? I guess it was meant to be. The owl is actually a stand, highly embossed and is stamped 'Made in Germany' on the back. It came in a box with some other goodies for $2 bucks!

I picked up this old frame there too. I like the fact that is has the original glass receipt inside. I can never resist an old frame. They just beg to be made over.

In other news...

My BFF Janet has finally opened her new online shop Gifted. This girl is gifted! If you ever need a custom-designed basket, look no further. Janet's eye for detail is phenomenal. She also features a 'vintage' division on her site which I love. Be sure and check her out! :)

Things are busy here - we're getting ready to go to San Fran at the end of this week. I am sooooo excited! I will be closing down my website for a week for some maintenance and changes. Exciting stuff!

May 9, 2008

Follow Your Heart

While out thrifting today I thought I should try and find one more thing for my Mom for Mother's I followed my heart...

I spotted this old silver tea pot and immediately it became my inspiration. I could picture it chock full of fresh blooms. I also found this Martha Stewart ornament and seeing my Mom loves purple, it had to find it's way into the mix...

I also hit the jackpot finding this old seam binding and ric-rac. Perfect - there is a perfect shade of lavender in the seam binding...that will work...

Next came the flowers - bright and cheerful - just like my Mom!

And there you have it - a vintage inspired gift from my heart! (the ornament will have a photograph in it, just didn't have time to insert before this blog post)

Now please excuse me, I have to call my Mom and tell her not to read my blog today!

May 8, 2008

I Think I Might Need a Helmet...

I think we might have another bird in the house. Here are my Sherlock clues...this morning when I went into our office the screen in front of the fireplace was knocked over. Perhaps Wilbur was trying thinking he could rescue his new friend and tried to move it out of the way? After that I started hearing odd noises in other parts of the house. Which leads me to my next discovery of which I am NOT happy about.

I think it's a bat.

I have searched and searched this house and cannot find a bird. Birds are stupid and try to fly through windows that are closed. Bats are sneaky, don't care for the light and hide in inconspicuous places like behind curtains... Inside large decorative vessels...
Or inside my pillowcase.

I am sure it will come out tonight when it's dark and he and Wilbur will have quite the party. Oh the joys I have to look forward to!

Here are some recent finds that will be making it into the shop. (some already have) This old Parisian bracelet is full of charm. (~no pun intended!~)

This vintage
sea shell box has been blinged out with some rhinestones and is decoupaged in the inside with sheet music...

I really don't know what this is but it sure is pretty! It has the most delicate lillies of the valley on it. It's so much larger than a sugar dish, I wish the photo would convey that. (it's about 2-3 times the size) Perhaps for soup for 2? Anyone? Anyone? Ferris?

This old horseshoe called out to me for embellishment and right now I really wish it would bring me some luck!

Finally, I just love this old napkin set! It's made with old wire and trimmed in velvet. Just fab!

O.k. back on bat patrol. Wish me luck...

May 6, 2008

Recent Finds

Good morning! Thought I'd give you an update on the bottle cleaning. I went out and bought Polident yesterday and tried soaking a couple of bottles in it for 20 mins. Didn't really work. However, the bottle I had left in the solution for a couple of hours seemed less foggy/milky. So maybe it does, a little!

O.k., on to some recent finds...

New in my shop - vintage auction paddles. I actually won them in an auction - how befitting! I just love their simplicity.

This mini vintage
loving cup is also listed in my shop. It is such a cutie!

I found these old Christmas decorations at a church rummage sale. I think everyone passed them by because they looked plastic HOWEVER they are actually mercury glass! What a find! I haven't seen anything like them on ebay but then again it is May after all...

I saw this old bassinet at the Flea Market this past Sunday and hubby surprised me with it. I can't wait to put a floral trailing basket in it.

Speaking of hubby, it's his birthday tomorrow and I have to get organized and get a couple of more things for his birthday. The man is impossible to buy for. I mean, what do you get the man who has everything and needs nothing? (well, I guess nothing!)

Oh, one more thing! I just listed another set of Dinner Party Bottled Fortunes©. This set has an old world feel...

Ciao Bellas!

May 5, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


I've been having so much fun putting together my Dinner Party Bottled Fortunes© sets and want to thank all of you for your support! It also came to me that these would make lovely Hostess gifts. This set is heading to off to Sandy - thanks Sandy!


Well, Wilbur didn't do anything bad (lately) Can you believe that?! I am mad that my hubby's favorite place to jog has now banned dogs. He loves to jog with Wilbur - and of course Wilbur LOVES it too. They went this past Friday and a police officer actually turned on his lights and made a gesture towards Wilbur. Honestly people, have dog laws not gotten out of control? I think if you have your dog on a leash and pick up after it you should be able to take it for a walk. O.k. thanks for letting me vent on that.

P.S. This is the face I get when hubby says to Wilbur "Do you want to go for a jog?"


Finding vintage bottles to make up my fortunes are hard to come by so I was THRILLED yesterday to find this box lot. They were very dusty and dirty but I thought a good washing would take care of that. Well, notsomuch. Some have a film on them and I have tried everything but Polident to get them clean. Has anyone tried that method? Would love to hear...

Our weekend was mostly rainy and cool but of course being Monday morning it is sunshine-y and wonderfully warm. Funny how that works, huh? ;)

May 2, 2008

Don't You Just Hate It When...

All week they call for a sunshine filled weekend and then boom! Friday they change their minds and say it's going to rain both days. I am so desperate for yard sales and pray for once that the weather man is wrong. Wrong as the day is long!

I have listed another set of my Dinner Party Bottled Fortunes©. This is a set for 8 and is very summer-y ... each bottle features its' own seashell tied with raffia. (Sold - thanks!)

I found some more vintage bottles today at my fav store Memory Lane so I will be creating a few more sets...probably this weekend seeing it's going to rain!

I also listed this fab old chalkware garden wall set. I just love it with it's scrolly leaves and chippy paint. Can't you just see it in a garden with ivy trailing out of the bottom portion?... (Sold - thanks!)

I also scored some old auction paddles that I will be listing sometime this weekend. They're really cool - old cream painted auction paddles with hand painted black letters. I love 'em and hope you will too!