Jun 18, 2008

I Did a Bad, Bad Thing

I was typing furiously away while entering an ebay listing yesterday and suddenly my hands slipped on the keyboard and the font went really small. Like this small. (smaller, really!)
For the love of Pete - I have good eyes - but not this good! I frantically started searching my favorites and see that it has affected my Hotmail. I can't even read the font on that page - it's that small - and also my blog and other blogs I read. Here's the thing - I have no idea of what I did - so how on earth do I fix it? I tried changing the font size to large on my computer under 'Appearance and Themes' but even that hasn't worked. I'm tellin' you, those Mac commercials are making more and more sense to me!! Oh me, oh my - if anyone has any advice, please let me know...

UPDATE: Victoria from Vintage Tea has solved my problem - thanks Victoria!

I've got some new additions in the shop...these faux fur duffel bags are so chic!

Just the perfect size to throw in a couple of pair of jeans, some classic tees and some make-up. And then you're good to go!

In other news...

(my Dad - far right)

I am so thankful to the good Lord above. You see, my Father's been having heart problems over the past few months and we have been worried sick. Well, he just got his test results back yesterday and his heart is fine and his arteries are apparently clean like a 'baby's'. (still trying to get my head around THAT one!) All that is wrong is his arrhythmia is off. So he will take Warfarin for the next three months and then they will stop his heart (!) and then restart it. Apparently this is common place today. I can't tell you the weight that has been lifted from my shoulders. :)


Vintage Tea said...

Hi Joy!

I do things like that all the time, when your web browser page is open there should be an View Option at the top.

Click that and it will show options... run down to Text Size and another column should show the sizes...

Hopefully that should fix it for you!

Victoria xx

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Wow! Perfectly clean arteries? There must be something to that Dutch heritage! :) Praise the Lord, indeed! The picture of your dad is SO COOL!! What a group of dudes! Didn't guys and gals have such a 'dapper' look about them years ago? I'm sharing in your joy, Joy!! ;)

Vintage Tea said...

So glad it worked!!!

Victoria xx

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

cute purses!! so adorable!! Glad you dad is doing good!! xo Britt :-)

rocker said...

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restyled home said...

So happy to hear your Dad is okay...!!!


Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

I did that one time before and I cant remember how I fixed it but I did. but sounds like you did it all ready anyway.