Jun 27, 2008

Kitsch or Cool?

Last week I went to the Sally Ann and happened upon this vintage Syroco shelf...I originally bought it to sell but now that it has been sitting here it's growing on me. It's backed with vintage scrolly wallpaper and I have found a spot where I'd like it to hang. (it is still sitting there - directly below that spot for a week now after telling hubby I'd like it there. Hmmm...)

He thinks it's kitschy but I know if I accessorize it right I could pull him over to the dark side.

I concede that there is a fine line between kitsch and cool....and I may very well be off on this one. What do YOU think?


I made the mistake of taking Wilbur to Ellie's soccer game Wednesday night. Of course the spot where we sat down on the grass was a mere 5 feet away from a Maltese with a very big attitude. Have you ever tired to subdue an excessively large and hyper dog who is DESPERATE to play with a diva Maltese? Wilbur - she's just not that into you! My arms are sore...


I am starting a new feature on my blog today called:

"I'm a Sucker for Good Packaging"

If you package something up really beautifully, I will buy it. Doesn't matter if I need it or not. Cuz that's-just-the-kind-of-girl-I-am.

Case in point - I fell in love with these old bonbon boxes from France. (had them on my site but they're already all sold out!) Didn't they know how to do it back then? Just think - wonderful little candies nestled into these lovely card boxes with golden raised script and a glass button elasticised closure.
*Heart swooning*

This is 'throwing-the-gauntlet-down' good packaging! I may not be able to top it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Jackie said...

So with you on the packaging thing. I'm a huge sucker for that too! and I must say - you have THE cutest dog on Earth!

Sugar Bear said...

I do not think the shelf it kitchy. Esp. once you accessorize I think it will go perfectly in your new room.

With Wilbur - I understand. I have a very playful mini schnauzer - not nearly as large but still quite hard to subdue at these public types of events when other dogs are around!


LiLi M. said...

i totally agree on the packaging issue. I'll buy multiple to have the lovely box/or whatever packaging. From strawberries in heart shaped boxes before Valentine, when they are way too expensive and tasteless (the bad news is that it actually was a strawberry shape!) to violet candy. Mmmm I should be able to come up with more, but suddenly I cannot think of any further examples. I wonder what Freud would say of that.
Have a nice weekend!

KayEllen said...

Hi Joy!
Those bonbon boxes are darling!!!
If you get any more email sweetie:)
I would think.... Wilbur would be the hit of the soccer game!
My Gracie would be barking "notice me"!!!
Have a great day...see you at Vanessa's Party!


pinkroses said...

Love the shelf, love good packaging...I actually sometimes buy things just for the packaging...a cute tin or a fun jar...guilty! suzanne duda

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there doll,

love the pooch!!
love the shelf, and the packaging.
total sucker for cute.


Dapoppins said...

I know you can make the shelf work...and I think any kind of shelf is a good shelf...!

Lola Enchanted said...

Very lovely!!!!!~

Enjoy your day!~

KathrynAntyr said...

From cruising around your site, I think you will make your find, divine. It would be kitchy to leave it as is. Miss V has gone over the top with her party, hasn't she? Swing by my tea party. I have party hats, baubles, and moondancing.

And be certain to bring those fabulous french candy boxes with some chocolates or nuts.

Attic Rat said...

I don't think I would have been able to resist that shelf if I had happened upon it. It is TOO cool! - Teresa

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Here here on the packaging, I won't buy anything for a gift unless it is packaged like a gift before I buy it!

Ah, Wilbur, I love him.

Happy day!

Donna Layton said...

How ON EARTH could you keep from hoarding every last one of these??

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

So many wonderful things. I am going over to you shoppe right now!