Aug 31, 2008

You Know Summer's Over When...

The flowers boxes you so lovingly tended since May are now filled with dead and brittle weeds.

A bowl of hot soup is actually enticing.

The kids have become so lazy they seem glued to the couch.

The allergens in the air are so bad they somehow seep right through closed doors and windows.

The sight of barbequed steak actually makes you a little nauseaus. (yes, we overdid it here this summer)

Mowing the lawn is not so much fun anymore.

You can finally turn off the central air and save yourself some bucks!

You're dreaming of wearing your oh-so-fab brown leather boots.

With that oh-so-fab brown leather jacket. (sorry Ruth!)

And that oh-so-fab brown scarf!

Your flip flops are disfigured, dirty and worn. (yet you still wear them)

You dream of pot roasts and mashed potatoes.

You cringe at the thought of eating another ice cream cone.

The stores are quiet again.

And finally, the #1 clue that summer is really over ---

Parents everywhere have smiles on their faces!

Hope you all have a lovely last long weekend of summer!

Aug 28, 2008

Cleaning House

When in doubt, clean.

And re-arrange.


I may not be creating up a storm lately but I'm cleaning and re-arranging furniture. That's creative, no? With the change of season looming I am itching to switch things up a bit. This is a shot of part of our kitchen that I tackled yesterday....


I couldn't resist buying these roses yesterday at the grocery store. A dozen for $7.99. I like roses but never enough to pay $40.00 for them. This was a steal...

Your home can be your canvas when creating - what fun it is to mix things up...

I never thought I would like the couch pushed up against this old sign but somehow it works. You just never know if it will work unless you try it!

I scored this long old bench at a yard sale many years ago for $5.00. It tucks nicely under the windows and allows me to display all of my 'junque'.

Because we will NEVER move, changing the furniture around gives me a thrill. It's fresh and new until a few months later when the Gemini in me rears her fickle head and says "Time for a change." Sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered...

Aug 25, 2008


Thank-you my wonderful and dear fellow bloggers for lifting up my friends in prayer. I am forever grateful. I hesitated blogging about the situation as it is very personal but I knew the power of prayer is great - and the need for it was greater. It truly never ceases to amaze me how supportive the blogging community can be. I thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

Creatively speaking I have been stuck in a rut with not much desire for new projects - or even yard saling. (gasp) But, that's o.k. - these things happen. You have to go with the flow....

Aug 22, 2008

Prayers Please

It has been a rough week. Friends of mine lost their 20 year old son suddenly to heart failure. I look at this picture I took on Monday and I think of the title I chose for Flickr ... "Trying to Hold it Together". How befitting.

If you have a moment would you please pray for Steve and Nicole? It would be most sincerely appreciated....

Aug 18, 2008

Shades of Inspiration

This week's "Shades of Inspiration" color is ...


Well, there is no shortage of rust around this homestead. Here is a shot of a rusty old tin sign on one of our out buildings...

I found these rusty chains inside our old milk house...

To steal a quote from a B-52 song - "Tin roof, rusted..."

One of my watering cans that has seen better days...

And finally, me saying "Peace out" peeps on an old rusted barrel....

Aug 15, 2008

Time on My Hands...

I'm still not exactly sure how this happened but last night during my team's volleyball game I got hit with the ball on my thumb and it must have bent back or gotten twisted . All I know is it hurt right away. But then it seemed to subside and I finished out two more games. Then it hurt some more. Yes, it would seem I wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer to continue playing...but I'm a sucker for punishment. (thank goodness we won)

So then I woke up in the middle of the night with more pain (it had swollen and I had bonked it)

So my question to you is -

Do you know how much you actually use your thumb?

Wow, it's a pretty important digit - I had no idea! Especially on the hand that you favor. So, I've got some time on my hands - not much creating going on around here unfortunately. And being the opportunist that I am - hopefully not much cooking either! :)

Aug 13, 2008

More "Things I Know For Sure"...

Since my last post of
"Things I know For Sure" was in June I figured I needed to do an update...

I go through magazines like an alcoholic goes through a mini bar. I can’t get enough. Make more decorating magazines – make them bi-monthly – editors of the world – do something!

The one day that I say I am going to start organizing my life is the day that I instantly become a procrastinator.

Cleaning out my clothes drawers and getting rid of a lot of stuff I don’t wear always makes me feel better, until I realize that I need to go shopping. Mental note - it would save me money if I DIDN’T clean my drawers.

Kids, above the age of 10 - although sweet as they may seem – always have an ulterior motive.

Ditto for husbands with sly smiles...

Getting old can get really old.

No matter how big your house is, the one pesky fly that got in, will torment you – and only you - while you sit down and try to have peace and quiet watching your fav show.

The ONE TIME that you actually swear out loud trying to get rid of that pesky fly is the exact time that your child will walk into the room.

If you park in a ‘no parking’ zone you WILL get a ticket. That’s why they tell you not to park there. (don’t say I didn't warn you hubby)

Investing in a good pillow can make you a happier, more well adjusted person. Continuing to try to flouff! and puff! your old feather pillow will only drive you mad – and very tired.

Having a good memory is over rated.

Waking up early is not for everyone. Morning people, don’t try to force your “good morningness” on others – especially if they haven’t had their first cup of coffee yet. (don’t say I didn’t warn you hubby)

No how busy they seem to be, a child will always find - and bug you - while you're on the phone.

Clean windows are a sign of a sick mind. (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it)

The five second rule of food dropping on the floor DOES NOT INCLUDE foods that are wet or moist! (that just makes them a sponge)


Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Aug 12, 2008

More Vintage Finds...

Although my housework was looming, I decided to ignore it (cuz that's what I do best) and work on some of my drawers.... now listed in the shop.

I started off with the front...(this stamp gets more action around here than the candy bar at a kid's party)

And lined it with original, old ephemera...

I love these in the kitchen for storing salt, pepper, spices, etc...

But, also in the office to keep the supplies from cluttering my work space. Although if you saw my desk right now you'd know I suffer from the "mechanic's car is always in the shop" syndrome. Funny how that goes.

I also listed some of these vintage plastic signs in the shop...I love the font on them.

I like to keep a CASHIER sign by my purse but now I'm thinking I should put the NO CREDIT sign there instead....

I also picked up some of these neat old fabric printing blocks from India on Sunday.

They're made out of a solid piece of wood with a handle attached. I just love the form and texture...

My gosh, it is already August 12th and I feel like the summer has flown by. (which is unusual because usually by now I am jonesin' for the kids to go back to school) We are having really terrible summer weather here. It has rained for a week steady and now the temps are quite cool. The kids haven't been in the pool for almost a week now!

O.K. here's a secret shout-out to my friend in the States who I sent vintage St. Patrick's ephemera to a couple of months back. Hugs to you!

Aug 11, 2008

Antique Show Finds

Sometimes a night away can do you so much good!

We had a lovely time with the kids and the weather held out for the most part. It had rained quite hard on Saturday night so the outdoor antique show was quite the muddy mess on Sunday! Should have bought some Wellies...

First up on our finds - hubby's great score. I wasn't crazy about this one at first but when he told me where he wanted to put it I saw the light. Good one hun! He attached it to our front door armoire where we store bags, shoes and coats...

I couldn't resist this dog show trophy for "Canadian Bred Dog or Bitch in Show". I must have the mind of a 13 year old cuz that makes me laugh every single time I read it.

I have big plans for these old drawers...they will be going in the shop as soon as I am done with them.

And here's a sneak peak of some old awesome signs that will also be going in the shop. They are massive and quite heavy!

And finally, I couldn't resit buying these old tickets - my love for ephemera is more like a disease...(from which I do not not wish to be cured)

I've got some more goodies from the show but it's raining here AGAIN and the light is not so good for taking pictures. I curse the weather man for saying this was going to be a long, hot and dry summer. Really, it's been anything but!

Aug 7, 2008

Time Flies...

I don't know about you - but this is how our summer is shaping up around here...

The kids seem to have no concept of time anymore and love to sleep in 'til all hours. Breakfast now seems to be at noon and lunch at 3:00 p.m. Very dangerous habits to get into!

Old film reels are my muse right now...the old clock faces I have been salvaging and hoarding fit nicely in the centers...

Another lock in the shop! ...

And here are a couple of more brown and blue shots for Shades of Inspiration...

I picked up this old wicker suitcase with leather strap for a song at Value Village!

This weekend we are heading to an antique show and sale in Odessa, Ontario which is just outside of historic Kingston. I can't wait to see the offerings! The kids are coming too so we have to make compromises - they put up with us at the show and we put up with them at the hotel pool.

Sounds fair. :)

Aug 4, 2008

Shades of Inspiration

This week's
Shades of Inspiration color is a combo of pale blue and brown ...

This is part of a Cavallini folder that I have. A very, very pale aqua sets off the brown script...

Vintage seam the most fabulous aqua color. On my computer screen it almost presents as green - I wonder if it does on anyone else's?

Vintage bottles in aqua...divine!

This is a shot of a larimar necklace that hubby bought for me in the Dominican this year....

And finally, a shot from Saturday's dinner out...I had to include this one because Katie has the bluest eyes...

Even though the forecast called for rain and thunderstorms, the weather thankfully held out for our bbq yesterday. All of your positive thinking even helped the sun come out. :)

I gotta say I'm a little sad today. Remember when I first came out with my Sympathy Hope Jar and a well known online site dedicated to sympathy gifts decided to carry them? Well, the owner of the site - who is a lovely lady I might add - has decided not to carry them any longer because of freight, duty and custom charges. Her last shipment was over 100 jars and I just checked her site and she is officially sold out. I don't think she'll re-order. (even though her price on the jar was a lot more than mine) I wish more people knew that they actually have a home of their own on my site but her website is sooooo large and mine just gets lost in "Google-dom". It doesn't have anything to do with money for me and never has. My 'Sympathy' Hope Jar is the jar that is nearest and dearest to my heart, always has been. I created it after I lost my brother 4 years ago. In fact, I always get melancholy when I ship one out because I know that someone is in deep pain. I just hope they continue to help people....that is my true heart's desire....