Sep 3, 2008

Lost in Thought

My head is swirling with ideas. So much so that I get lost and caught up in it. And I wonder where the time went. Kind of like that feeling when I watch "Deadliest Catch". Suddenly sixty minutes have flown by and I don't really know why I sat there so engaged watching men in rubber rain suits run crazily around a boat that makes me sea sick. My ideas come in waves, just like the ones that crash into their boats. And if the idea is good, it is like hauling over a pot stuffed full of king crab!

I've been thinking alot lately (dangerous, I know) and it has occurred to me that dreams need nurturing. And dreams take work. But if I am to relieve my husband of working so he can be a stay-at-home Dad (HA!) then I need to get my butt in gear.

You know when you see people who LOVE their job? I was always envious of those people. I mean, life is hard enough and if you hate your job it can be even harder. So, I took some mental notes of what I really want to 'be'. I'm turning the big
4-0 next May and I really want to fulfill goals and follow that dream that I've been chasing. Although it's not clearly laid out I can certainly make it up as I go along.

You can only watch "The Big Idea" with the ever charismatic Donny Deutsch for so long (and think to yourself - why is he always yelling?) until you 'get' it. You have to be passionate about what you do.

Here's to unlocking some dreams. You in?


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Oh Joy, what a great post!! You sound like me! AGAIN! :)

I had one such epiphany at the start of this year and (so far) there's been not a hint of looking back.

And who else watches Deadliest Catch AND The Big Idea??? ME!!!! Such a Donny Deutsch devotee! I was even saying to my hubby a few days ago that I've come close to emailing the show so I could be one of the people who get help and get biz questions answered!

And...guess who else has a dream of allowing hubby to retire and come work for the biz -- ME!

The similarities between us are almost making me have to reconsider belief in the possibility of there being a parallel universe where somewhere out there is my exact twin! :)

When I started this store almost 10 years ago, my best friend (that you SO remind me of!) gave me a sign she made that simply said "DREAM BIG". And I do.

I'm all in. You have to be or you're "sunk" before you even start, right?

Go Donny D! Go Joy! :)

Melody said...

Very inspirational!

Brandi said...

Beautiful. Thank you!

Janet said...

I'm in, gul!

Lori said...

beautiful post Joy, i hope all of your dreams come true!!!

Robolady said...

Chase those dreams, we'll run together. I'm dreaming too.

Vintage Sue said...

Do tell!!!! Can't wait to hear....

P.S. As someone that LOVES her job (even after 25 years), it is so satisfying. Then again, it's completely unrelated to junking. Now if I could only combine them (and make my current salary).....

Guess I'll be doing BOTH "jobs" for a bit.

Counting the days until you divulge!


Pink Slippers said...

I have heard from so MANY that 40 is the BEST!

TheParisApartment said...

You can do it, Joy! I'm in too!

Wanda said...

That could have come straight out of my head. Mine's always spinning, but you're more focused than I am. I can't complete one thought or plan before the next one tries to take over. I'm trying to figure out how my husband can retire early and join me in the buying and selling of junk, but so far it's not paying any bills. And I just realized it's time for Donny to come on. I better get my Donny fix to inspire me. Come on, girl! If they can do it, we can do it!

Wanda - Trying to catch on my blog reading. And I have a new address for Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk -