Nov 30, 2008

A World Away

Well, it certainly feels like I am a world away. I am actually in Edmonton, Alberta. I flew out on Friday to see my nephew who is still very sick with Wegener's auto-immune disease. My sister-in-law Jackie was soooo very happy to see me (we've haven't seen each other in 11 months as she moved away last year)

No matter how you prepare yourself, seeing Colin in the hospital with a trach in his throat threw me for a loop. I thought I had prepared myself but not so much. It was shocking to see my beautiful nephew hooked up to so many tubes, with so many bells and whistles. I actually almost fainted and had to leave the room. I am happy to report that I can now enter the room and not feel so overwhelmed.

We have been truly blessed with small mercies like a smile, a wink, and some mouthed phrases including "I love you." This kid has literally been through hell and back and still worries about the rest of his family and how they are all doing. He amazes me.

His oxygen requirements are down to 35% which is very good (compared to the 100% oxygen he was on only a few weeks ago) He still has 5 chest tubes in his chest however.

I ask all of you wonderful bloggers for your continued prayers. Colin will remain hospitalized for many, many months to come and our goal right now is to get him well enough to fly back to Ontario where he can be closer to our family.

I return home Tuesday evening. Don't forget - Moggit launches on Monday!

Nov 24, 2008

The Runner

There it was laying in the glistening sunshine at an outdoor antique fair. An antique runner that I knew I couldn't live without. It was a whopping 18 feet long. Incredible! The dealer had laid it out in front of his booth proudly displaying the vibrant colors. The price was fair, perhaps in part because we knew the dealer, and it was lovingly rolled up and taken home with us.

It served it's purpose for many years, laying in between the livingroom and kitchen. It is the main drag in our home so it saved a lot of foot (and paw) traffic off of the hardwood floor.

When we changed our decor this past Spring, the runner no longer fit in. Because my Mom was working at an flea market, I brought the rug to her house and asked her to add it to her booth whenever she had space.

Here is where the trouble starts. Can you feel it?

My father (and I say that holding the rrrrr) decided one day that he needed a little carpet is his hangar where he keeps his plane.


A little carpet.

Near his plane.

Why, I do not know.

Knowing my mother likes to hoard stuff (sorry, Mom) and not quite up to snuff on his knowledge of antiques, my father, alone one day, found the rug and decided it would be perfect for his little project. So, out came the scissors and he cut that baby like it was, well, a rug.

My mother was of course mortified, but my father, still oblivious to this "old rug" called to tell me the news. Which by the way, he thought was quite funny-- until I regained my composure and told him just how much that "old rug" cost.

Let's just say the conversation didn't end well - something with me grumbling "I have to go scream into a pillow now - goodbye..."

We both laugh about it now. I soon got over myself - and the rug - and told him he has one 'snazzy' hangar. Which by the way, I haven't been to see since he dressed it up- the photo above was taken 'before' his flair for decorating old hangars emerged.

I think he may have a future in it in fact. After all, there's still some 12' left of runner left to work with... ;)

Nov 20, 2008

Trying Not To Feel Inadequate....

After making a really crappy lunch for my kids this morning I came across this brilliance on flickr.

It's Bento, baby!

The creator somehow makes me love - and yet hate her - at the very same time. ;)

O.K. Back to my mediocrity...

Nov 19, 2008

Launch Date!

O.K. Life seems to be getting back to normal around here again (I hope I haven't jinxed that by writing it) and Janet and I have a launch date for our new website *

Monday December 1st!

We seriously cannot wait to show you just what we've been up to!

O.K. and now for something completely off topic....

Having come from an advertising background I have to bow down to the folks (did I just say 'folks' - man, I must be gettin' old) at Apple. Their Mac commercials are BRILLIANT.

Seriously, whoever thought those up deserves to be very, very rich.
(p.s. hubby's cousin looks exactly like the pc guy - exactly!)

I have been having error problems on my pc for a while now which I have put up with because we all know what a drag it is to unhook your computer tower, drag it down to the computer store and then let them hold it ransom for as long as they so desire until they decide to tell you that:

a) why on earth did you let the problems go that long


b) you were soooo very lucky it wasn't worse

and finally,

c) you owe us a kazillion dollars

Yup, that's pretty much how it goes.

The error messages DID get worse and I DID end up taking my 'tower of terror' in for repair. Apparently my ram was damaged- andIdon'tevencare. Why? Cuz hubby bought me a Mac! Yes, my 'jaw-wired-shut-hubby', the sweetest man in the world, just bought me an Mac laptop for being - and I quote - "a terrific nurse maid" (heavy on the 'maid' part I say)

I am just getting to know it and have to say I am in love. No worries over spyware, no worries over nasty viruses, very cool features...shoot, I should be getting paid for this post!

O.K. back to my *fab* hub - the wires come off this Friday! Solid food - watch out - here he comes!

Nov 12, 2008

My Trusty Steed

Well, he doesn't look to happy here but actually he just came back from the groomer's after a wonderful wash and trim. What a blessing this pup is. Always there for me (sometimes too much so!)

I feel so disconnected from the internet right now. I have had no time, or desire to blog with all that is happening to my family. My nephew Colin is still in critical condition in Edmonton and I may be flying out in a few weeks to see him. The doctors say his recovery will take 3-4 months.

Hubby is doing well and will have his wires removed from his jaw next week - he has been a model patient in the fact that he has been very patient throughout this whole ordeal. Never again does he wish to eat through a straw or syringe.

My father is at home now after his mini-stroke and is still working on getting full use of his left hand again. He has a great attitude!

To add insult to what seems like a lot of injury, my son Jack broke his arm last Thursday at school. No cast but he must wear a sling for 3 weeks and can do no physical activity (soccer/gym class) til the new year.

I do have some good news in all of this....are you ready for it?

I am going to be a grandmother.

No word of a lie! I'm not even 40 yet! My 25 year old step daughter Tarah is due in May - the month her father and I both share a birthday!

Tarah - Summer '08

We are very happy and looking forward to spoiling a grandchild.

A parent's best revenge. :)

Nov 5, 2008


In some ways it seems to stand still.

This coming Saturday will mark the 2 week stay of my nephew Colin in intensive care. There is no change. Minutes and hours crawl by as we wait to hear news. He is still acutely critical and so therefore I ask all of your to continue your prayers. Again, thank-you from the bottom of my heart.