Nov 19, 2008

Launch Date!

O.K. Life seems to be getting back to normal around here again (I hope I haven't jinxed that by writing it) and Janet and I have a launch date for our new website *

Monday December 1st!

We seriously cannot wait to show you just what we've been up to!

O.K. and now for something completely off topic....

Having come from an advertising background I have to bow down to the folks (did I just say 'folks' - man, I must be gettin' old) at Apple. Their Mac commercials are BRILLIANT.

Seriously, whoever thought those up deserves to be very, very rich.
(p.s. hubby's cousin looks exactly like the pc guy - exactly!)

I have been having error problems on my pc for a while now which I have put up with because we all know what a drag it is to unhook your computer tower, drag it down to the computer store and then let them hold it ransom for as long as they so desire until they decide to tell you that:

a) why on earth did you let the problems go that long


b) you were soooo very lucky it wasn't worse

and finally,

c) you owe us a kazillion dollars

Yup, that's pretty much how it goes.

The error messages DID get worse and I DID end up taking my 'tower of terror' in for repair. Apparently my ram was damaged- andIdon'tevencare. Why? Cuz hubby bought me a Mac! Yes, my 'jaw-wired-shut-hubby', the sweetest man in the world, just bought me an Mac laptop for being - and I quote - "a terrific nurse maid" (heavy on the 'maid' part I say)

I am just getting to know it and have to say I am in love. No worries over spyware, no worries over nasty viruses, very cool features...shoot, I should be getting paid for this post!

O.K. back to my *fab* hub - the wires come off this Friday! Solid food - watch out - here he comes!


Leah C said...

Happy to hear your husband is better! And enjoy that new laptop:)

Jackie said...

So excited for moggit! Glad your hubby's getting those wires off - that was a long haul, I'm sure. I LOVE my mac - very fun! I used to be in advertising too and my husband still is - those mac/pc ads are great!!

Heather said...

Woohoo!! I am glad to hear your hub gets his wires out. I bet he can't wait!!

Congrats on the Mac.. I LOVE mine... you will LOVE yours...

Jenny said...

How come there isn't any worries on the spyware of viruses? I'm outta the loop obviously.

So happy to hear that your hubby's getting should make him a nice dinner of spareribs. :)

Vintage Sue said...

Can't wait for the launch. And your husband ROCKS for getting you a Mac. I've been touting Macs forever. If my 78-year-old Luddite dad can figure it out, anyone can. They're soooooooo much easier.


LivingTheLife said...

Oh...what wonderful news about sweet hubbin' getting his wires removed...I know you are both so relieved...and to be able to chew his food again...what a thrill it will be...I know he will savor every bite.

And kudos to him for buying you the Mac...I'm secretly envious :) ...cos I NEED a new computer and I WANT a Mac!

Also, a big pat on your back for being such an awesome care-taker...that job is very hard...believe me I know. But, hey we wouldn't have it any other way...would we?

Enjoy...and I can't wait to catch your new launch!


Anonymous said...

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