Nov 30, 2008

A World Away

Well, it certainly feels like I am a world away. I am actually in Edmonton, Alberta. I flew out on Friday to see my nephew who is still very sick with Wegener's auto-immune disease. My sister-in-law Jackie was soooo very happy to see me (we've haven't seen each other in 11 months as she moved away last year)

No matter how you prepare yourself, seeing Colin in the hospital with a trach in his throat threw me for a loop. I thought I had prepared myself but not so much. It was shocking to see my beautiful nephew hooked up to so many tubes, with so many bells and whistles. I actually almost fainted and had to leave the room. I am happy to report that I can now enter the room and not feel so overwhelmed.

We have been truly blessed with small mercies like a smile, a wink, and some mouthed phrases including "I love you." This kid has literally been through hell and back and still worries about the rest of his family and how they are all doing. He amazes me.

His oxygen requirements are down to 35% which is very good (compared to the 100% oxygen he was on only a few weeks ago) He still has 5 chest tubes in his chest however.

I ask all of you wonderful bloggers for your continued prayers. Colin will remain hospitalized for many, many months to come and our goal right now is to get him well enough to fly back to Ontario where he can be closer to our family.

I return home Tuesday evening. Don't forget - Moggit launches on Monday!


LP Vintage said...

My wishes and prayers for the full recovery of your nephew!

On another note, I'm so looking forward to the launch of Moggit - your taste is impeccable and I know I'm gonna love whatever it is!

a.k.a. lpvintage

bec4 said...

Thanks for the update. i will continue to pray for Collin and a miraculous recovery.

Leah C said...

One day at a time...prayers & good wishes for Colin as he continues to recover.

Janet said...

Typing too fast again. I hate it when that happens!

Dapoppins said...

Still thinking about What a boy.

Susan said...

I'm praying for Colin to continue to recover and come home to his family.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

sweetie, I put him and your whole family on my prayer list. Asking God for a miraculous recovery for Colin.
xo Lidy