Dec 20, 2008

Easy Holiday Decorating Idea

First off, I must say I stole this decorating idea from my bff Janet!

When I walked into her house the other day she had a similar set-up but she used a wire desk tray - so beautiful! I used an old wooden drawer that I had picked up this past summer at a junk store.

Here's all you do:

-add garland or fresh greens
-add twinkly lights
-dress with pine cones and your fav ornaments (I used gold stars and pine cone ornaments)
-add a "Merry Christmas" sign or vintage postcard

Too easy!

On a completely different note, check out the lovely wallpaper in the next photo. It is not a photo of my house - it's one we've mogged. You know, I think there is a very fine line of pushing the limits when it comes to wallpaper. I also think that when you choose a wallpaper to adorn your walls, you'd better make sure you're gonna love it for a while. Re-wallpapering a room is not my idea of a good time. This room is truly a lovely room, save for the wallpaper! Click here to cast your vote on it!

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My nephew Colin is doing really well. We just got great news that they may be able to Medi-Vac home back to our home province of Ontario - what a wonderful Christmas present that would be!

Hope this last weekend before Christmas is a happy one for you. :) Take time to enjoy the moments - they do fly so quickly...

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bec4 said...

Great box of pinecones and goodies. I am glad to hear Colin may be headed closer to home! Merry Christmas!