Dec 9, 2008

I Love You But-

Found this funny site while surfing the other day:

I love you but

So here are some of my additions: (they all relate to someone I know and/or love)

I love you but, you say 'youse'

I love you but, you play with your false teeth (no, not you Dad)

I love you but, you send me annoying email forwards

I love you but, at 40+ years old you wear running shoes with velcro straps

I love you but, your bedhead is legendary

I love you but, you wear snow pants in public

I love you but, you take 'stretching the truth' to a whole new level

I love you but, you tell too many jokes

I love you but, there are hairs growing out of your nose (not you Dad)

I love you but, you can't load a dishwasher

Now let's just see if I get any calls today.... ;)

Over at *moggit we have updated our "If these walls could talk" feature - one of our very favorites! Click here to see what we have to say about this seemingly lovely celebrity bathroom....

Source: Architectural Digest

(All in good fun of course!)

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!


Rachel said...

Ha ha... I think we have the same list, that's too funy! Except the false teeth thing- eww! Thanks for the laugh :o)

Happy Holidays!

CIELO said...

Hi Joy... I couldn't find your email, so I'm communicating this way to ask your permission to use one of your photographs on Flickr for my next post, where I'm advertising my "World of Treasures Party", on Dec. 14. Please let me know... thanks


RobinfromCA said...

Seriously, where are the towels and rugs in that bathroom! LOVE moggit!!

Jenny said...

I have to say I love moggit. I check daily and then have a few good laughs. I'm always talking outloud as well..."too much toile...d'ya think??"LOL

Screaming Meme said...

You are so cute! Your blog is fun!