Jan 20, 2009

My Dream Job!

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — Position: island caretaker. Duties: lazing around the Great Barrier Reef for six months. Salary: $100,000.

It sounds too good to be true, but the position is real. Calling it the “best job in the world,” Australian tourism officials say they are seeking someone to spend six months relaxing on Hamilton Island, part of the country’s Whitsunday Islands, while promoting the destination on a blog.

In exchange for the pay, a free stay in an oceanfront villa and airfare from the winner’s home country, the employee will be required to stroll the island’s white sand beaches, snorkel, maybe take a dip in the pool — and post photographs and videos of the experience on a weekly blog.

Want to apply? Here's where you do it!


Leah C said...

I saw this employment opportunity the other day...sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

Lori said...

are you kidding me? ahhhhhhhh, wouldn't THAT be loverly?

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Unreal! Think they'd take a group of women who already blog?....We'd do a great job!

Kathy said...

I sent it on to my son, he'd be perfect for it....and the $$ is awesome!

FourSistersInACottage said...

JOY!!!! when can we leave???? LOL
I have to tell you I had NO IDEA you were featured in a magazine until I saw you yesterday on the news stand.
CONGRATS to you, I am so excited for you!!!
Now how can I get an autographed copy????
Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Wowsers! If it weren't for my retirement, which requires that I finish the job I currently have for at least another 4 years and 10 months, I'd sooo be all over this! ~Mindy

pDogg said...

Awesome mate! Here's my best try with a rockin' song: