Feb 9, 2009

Back by Popular Demand

{this is a repeat of a post I had done last year...}

Things I Know For Sure...

· If you think the plate in the microwave is too hot to handle, it is.

· The scissors are never where you left them. They lead a double life in Duluth.

· Just because they're cute, you should not wear your fabulous, new high heeled brown boots to the flea market.

· Kids are like dogs, they can smell hesitation. And you know what they say about 'he who hesitates'...

· Do not put down your keys when you are distracted. And already late to pick up the kids.

· The day you throw out that item you thought you would never use again? Yes, you will need it.

· Dollar Store items can add up real fast.

· When you turn on your hot glue gun, resign yourself to the fact that you will end up burning yourself before your job is done.

· "Just a minute" coming from a kid means they're not listening.

· Buying fancy underwear always seems like a good idea at the time but you'll always end up wearing your favorite good 'ol Hanes.

· You can count on the phone ringing during your fav show. During the really good part.· When you're bored out of your mind and really want to talk to someone, no-one answers the phone.

· If you're going to drive the kids to school in your p.j.'s, make sure you have enough gas.

· If the jeans you are trying on the in fitting room don't feel exactly right, they never will. No matter how 'on sale' they are.

· The moment you hop into the bathtub for a nice relaxing soak is the exact same moment your household will fall apart. All at once.

· Even if you live in a large house, if your dog throws up, you will end up stepping in it.

· When you find a great bra that you love - buy 20 of them

.and finally,

· If you're tired, and I mean REALLY TIRED, when you go to bed and your husband wants to "spoon" don't fall for it. "Spooning" only leads to one thing...



Anonymous said...

I LOVE it! All of it is so true ~ Thanks for putting a smile on my face!! My favorite is If you are going to drive the kids to school in your PJ's - make sure you have enough gas!! xoxo

Lori said...

forking? eeeeeeeeeeek!!! you are a naughty girl Joy...
so true all of it...as for the puking thing...i have cats, one of whom is famous for puking on my son's bed...grrrrrrrrr...how gross is

Jennifer said...

I love these...thanks for the chuckle! The last one is just too cute...and true!

Nora said...

So cute and so true :)

Sally Pepper said...

Truer words have never been spoken.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

The jeans in the dressing room...for sure! ~Mindy

Susan said...

Truer words were never spoken! Thanks for starting my day with a laugh!
Hugs, Susan

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Love, Love, Love! ~ Thanks for making me laugh!

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

I've experienced everyone of these....just this week! LOL!
Thank you for the encore. I thoroughly enjoyed this list! I'll have to come back and read this one again.

Sweet Valentine wishes,

sashagirl said...

Oh my goodness...I needed a good ole' laugh today!!! That is so funny and so true! Just last month I wore my knee high, high heeled boots flea marketing, Big Mistake!!! The owner noticed me limping, haha!!! Love the last one on the list too, so true!!!

Kindle Marie said...

That is the funniest thing I have ever read! You are a hoot! Thanks for re posting that! Forking!...rofl!

Job Opportunities said...

What a huge cute dog :-)